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Piazza Floor Tile

Gladding, McBean: Beauty, Permanence and Protection

Gladding, McBean uses high-quality clays and unique firing methods to produce Terra Cotta floor tiles with unique beauty and character, as we have for over 135 years. The result is a tile with rich fire-flashed colors, rustic character and durability--suitable for use in any climate.

Available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, the look can be combined to create several interesting patterns complimenting many architectural styles, indoors or out.


The Advantages of Clay


Fire Flashed Blends


Smooth or tumbled

  Clay Roof

Resists insects and rot
Virtually maintenance-free
  Fire-Flashed Blends
Natural color harmony
No Color fade
  Smooth or Tumbled
Antico/Distressed finish
Smooth FinisH

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